Research and Development

Mishri International is Completing a decade in the Manufacturing of Refractory, Ceramic and Iron Ore Products. Mishri International has emerged as the Leading Quality Manufacturing Company of RAjkot in the State of Gujarat, INDIA. At Mishri International Technological devlopmentis a Continous Process and Quality the Cornerstone of Different type of Operations. The Company's Technological focus has seen it now Contribute as a Leading Refractory Suppliers of Diverse Sector which is include integrated & Mini Steel Plant, Glass, Cement, Petrochemicals. Powers, Fertilizer, Nonferrous & carbon Industries etc.


The Company's R&D thrust has helped it to Maintain its Product edge and offer Industries Customized Refractory Solution for Achieving Sinicantly Higher Levels of Process Efficiently. As of now our Production is Around 10,000 M.T. of Refractories, Ceramic and Iron ore a Year & the Marketing of Ceramic product has also Significantly improved all over India due to its Quality and Services to the Customer. The high Quality and Performance have been widely acclaimed. MishriInternational has become the HALLMARK of Excellence in Refractory. Excellence in Everithing is the Star which Guiding Bharat on its Purposeful March From one Achievement to another, Year After Year, to a Future glowing with Promise to our Customers, Suppliers in every sphere of life. 


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